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When a person dies, they either leave a Will or they do not. In each instance, problems arise determining and finding the proper heirs to the estate left behind. Probate research is required.

If heirs have been named in a Will, OmniTrace determines their whereabouts. If there is no Will, OmniTrace identifies and locates heirs who are entitled to a share in the estate. We provide all necessary documentation to prove the heir’s relationship to the deceased benefactor.

Simply put, our probate research allows for the correct determination of heirs and the subsequent distribution of an estate.

Back to TopWhat Is The Scope Of Your Services?

OmniTrace locates missing heirs and beneficiaries for a wide range of clientele:

  • Judges
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Estate Executors
  • Conservators
  • Fiduciaries
  • Guardians
  • Trustees
  • Trust Officers

Our unsurpassed investigative skills allow us to assist you with:

  • Estate & trust settlement matters
  • Location and distribution of unclaimed assets
  • Suits to quiet title to real property
  • Establishment of ownership of oil, gas and mineral rights or other legal interests

Back to TopWhat Documentation Do You Provide Your Clients Upon Completion Of An Heir Finder Case?

Once we determine the whereabouts of an heir or have confirmed that the person is deceased, we provide proof of compliance with due diligence requirements. We have extensive experience preparing affidavits and compiling evidence for the courts.

Back to TopWhat Resources Do You Use To Locate Missing Heirs?

  • Genealogists, Researchers and Investigators Covering All 50 States
  • Salt Lake City Family History Library Access
  • Federal Archives Access
  • State-Of-The-Art Databases
  • Multi-Lingual Staff
  • In-House Investigative / Genealogical Library

Back to TopWhy Should I Hire An Heir Finder Firm Such As OmniTrace?

Developing an accurate family tree is very complex and time consuming. Federal, State and Local resources are limited to birth, marriage and death records.

OmniTrace has access to millions of public and non-public records, allowing us to resolve files fast, saving you time and money.

Our record access is supplemented with an extensive network of investigators, genealogists and researchers allowing us to leave no stone unturned.

Back to TopDo You search Outside The USA?

Yes. OmniTrace searches throughout the USA, Canada and South America, as well as many overseas countries.

Back to TopHow Long Does A Search Take?

Our state-of-the-art heir finding capabilities allow us to typically complete searches quickly and thoroughly. Depending on the scope of the heir search, an investigation can take days, weeks or sometimes a few months.

Back to TopHow Do You Know You Have Found The Correct Person?

We will provide you with evidence to support all our findings.

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Back to TopWhat Is Your Success Rate At Finding Heirs?

Each case has varying complexities, but we have located thousands of missing heirs to our client’s satisfaction. When we can’t find find an heir, we will provide an affidavit of due dilligence to satisfy the court.

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Back to TopWhat If There Are No Heirs To Be Found?

OmniTrace documents all steps and procedures taken during an heir search. We will provide an affidavit of due diligence for the court of jurisdiction.

Back to TopWhat Are Your Fees?

OmniTrace charges a very affordable, non-percentage, flat-rate fee. Once we review your missing heir search, we’ll provide you a quote. Best of all, we will not charge you a fee unless you are satisfied with our service.

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Back to TopIs OmniTrace Insured?

OmniTrace has $2,000,000 in Professional Liability Insurance against Errors and Omissions. We are proud to state that we have never had a claim.

Back to TopWhat Should I Do Next?

Please call us, toll free, 1-800-799-1911 with any additional questions you might have and to proceed with your heir finder search.