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Case Studies

Estate Case #1


OmniTrace was requested to perform probate research regarding the Estate of Irene McMillian. Ms. McMillian was apparently married to Frances Scofield in 1944. They had a son named James Francis Scofield. He was born April 17, 1947 and died May 30, 2001. His last residence was Corpus Christi, Texas.


OmniTrace was requested to search for all direct linear heirs of James Scofield. No name or date of birth information was available. Additionally, it was requested we complete this assignment within 7 business days.


OmniTrace conducted a due diligent search for the heirs and determined that James Scofield did indeed have a son, Vernon Scofield, living in San Diego, CA. A due diligence report was prepared and presented to our client containing all results and presented to our client for court review. The estate was settled and Vernon Scofield eventually received an unexpected sum.

Estate Case #2


The Clark County Public Guardians office contacted our office regarding a decedent, Robert Morris, who had been a ward of the county for over 15 years. Mr. Morris had a considerable amount of assets to his name but no known relatives.


We were requested to locate any possible relatives of Mr. Morris so that his assets did not escheat to the State of Nevada.


Within 72 hours, OmniTrace was able to locate the half brother of Mr. Morris. In a twist to the case, the brother was unaware that he had a brother, as his mother had remarried and never told him of Mr. Morris.

Estate Case #3


OmniTrace was hired to work on the Estate of John Ackerman, one of the largest estate cases in the history of the United States, valued at over 24 million dollars. Multiple parties claimed to be the remaining heirs of Mr. Ackerman who died without a will. It is extremely rare when someone of this wealth dies with no will, has never married, has no children, brothers, sisters, nor any known next of kin or lineal heirs.


OmniTrace was requested to conduct a comprehensive heir search up through Mr. Ackerman’s Great Grandparents (3rd degree of consanguinity) and down through 6th degrees of consanguinity. Information presented to us included a box of old Christmas cards Mr. Ackerman had collected.


Multiple factors came into play over the course of the five month investigation. Included, was a competing attorney representing a party claiming to be the only heirs. So in addition to our final report, OmniTrace had to provide evidence to the court as to why these separate claimants where not true heirs. In the end, the estate was settled in favor of our client. Please see a letter from our client below:


The Court ruled that Garry and Christian K. are the heirs of the estate. They were thrilled with the work that had been done by OmniTrace.

I can’t express how much I appreciate your work and the others that were “hands on” in the Ackerman research.

If I can give any testimonials or serve as a reference for your company just let me know.

FYI…I’ve got a new case for you. I’ll be sending the order in a couple weeks.